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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Desk Project, and other things...

"Hey, honey, are you going to get up soon?", Kevin said. "Yeah, what time is it?", I replied (thinking that its probably like 6 something). "Its quarter after 8 honey." "Crap!!!! Im supposed to be at the gym in 15 minutes, there goes that...." Yeah, thats how my morning started. I didnt remember Kevin leaving for PT this morning, so I thought he was leaving when in fact he was coming home. Dag nab it! Messed my morning alll up. Blah, whatever. Darn you snooze button that I hit by habit now!!!!!!!
So in my last post I mentioned that Im refinishing a desk. This (I found out) is an antique desk from the 60's so Im really excited to sand it down and fix it up. I went back to Lowes today to get some better sandpaper, as well as a list of other stuff for Kevin. No problem! Plus, I got a call from my brother while I was there, and he gave me some great advice on how to get that desk looking pretty! After Lowes, I grabbed some Starbucks and headed on home to begin work on that desk. I have most of the top sanded, but its going to take longer than I thought! Im going to try and spend some good time on it tomorrow, as for once I really dont have anywhere to go! I wasnt able to work on it long today, as we had guests over for dinner (yay!) and I had to go on post to get our luau tickets for my birthday (double YAY!), as well as make another commissary run. Plus, I found out that Pro Bowl tickets go on sale the day after my birthday, so I will be in line for those!! Wooo Football!!!
In other news, Kevin had a doc appt for his pesky hip bothering him lately and now he doesnt have to do PT for a couple weeks til they can figure out whats wrong. That would be awesome, except for the fact he still has to show up for PT at o'my god its early. I really hope its not something that would lead to surgery, because I know first hand that surgery isnt a fun time. Ever.  Poor guy :( I will keep yall updated on that one.
Lets see what else? Oh, we have new neighbors!!! Yay! The guy introduced himself this morning as Kevin was leaving. I havent met his wife yet, but Im pretty darn excited, I love meeting new folks!!
Tomorrow will be very uneventful (as far as I know). I am going to drag my butt to the gym in the morning, and work on the desk after that. Exciting times :) Once Im done with the desk, I will post before, during, and after photos :) Night yall!!

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