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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hanauma Bay

Today Kevin and I ventured over to Hanauma Bay! It is located north of the Diamond Head crater and is protected by being part of a natural preserve. When we got there, we had to watch a brief video on the bay and some simple instructions to follow if we were swimming or snorkeling. All of the wildlife in the bay is federally and state protected, which means we can look and take pictures all we want, but we cant touch them. No problem! Before we watched the video and went down to the water, I took some pictures!

Hanauma Bay

Its reeeeaallly faint, but the flatter island in the back is Molokai, and even fainter on the left behind it, the taller one is Maui!

This one is really faint too but directly under the clouds is the island of Lanai

I was hoping the pictures of the neighboring islands would come out better, but they were only faintly visible from where we were. It was cool though!! Once we got down to the beach we didnt waste any time getting the snorkel gear on and getting in the water

Nothing like a snorkel and mask to make you look like a freak of nature haha

Unfortuneatly, these are the only pictures I got of fish. Why you ask? Because the snorkel sets we bought were faulty!!! Yeah, they kept leaking water in, so Kevin and I decided to invest in some better equipment and save the longer snorkeling trip for next weekend =( The water is really clear though and the beach is beautiful! After we left the beach, we decided to go to dinner at the resteraunt on the air force base since its right on the beach! A few more pictures of the afternoon!

Every picture was still Hanauma bay, the last one is the sunset from our seat at the resteraunt. Thats pretty much it for today, tomorrow we are going 4 wheeling with the Jeep to a place called Peacock Flats with a few of Kevins co-workers. It should be fun and I get to meet new people! Goodnight everyone =)

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