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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Camping Pt. 2

This morning we continued our camping adventure up at Peacock Flats. Right before we went to bed last night, the other people in our group showed up. This wouldnt be so bad, but these folks stayed up until at least 3am- partying it up... Kevin and I were able to fall asleep and it was great...when we actually were able to sleep! This is probably why we didnt roll out of the tent until around 9am haha. We got up, had breakfast, and socialized for awhile. Then some of the guys wanted to go 4 wheeling. We stayed behind because theres too much work we have to do on the Jeep already and Kevin didnt want to run the risk of breaking anything. Around 1pm, Kevin and I decided to pack up and make the 7 mile journey back down the mountain. We allowed ourselves some time to stop and take some pictures along the way though. Here are some pictures of our camping trip!

Putting up the tent--I told him to pose hehe

The view!!!

It was actually really dark outside, but our camera is awesome

The folks that drove up with us!

I really fell in love with these mountains!

This is where the magic happens...... hehe
Toasty campfire

We saw these signs everywhere... Kevin is being goofy <3

Posing next to his other wife :)

Is this:
A) A knock off of Epcot center.
B) A satellite facility.
C) The worlds biggest golf ball.
I will give you some time...........................give up? The answer is B) a satellite facility. The property that we go off roading and camping on is actually owned by the USAF. We had to have special permits just to come onto the land and its really secure.  I would have accepted A or C as well, only because thats what I think they look like hehe. With the worlds largest Golf club, I would totally knock that in the water hazard below

Can we say mulligan??

Kevin and I had a wonderful time this weekend, and I was able to meet some wives from the unit yay!!! Even got myself a zumba date on Mondays and Fridays ;) If we had known that everyone was camping all weekend we would have gave the cats more food and packed more. Ah well, we have committed to going back up there soon and camping. Can we say romantic weekend for 2?? After a long day, we headed back home. When we got here we showered (yall should have seen my face...the doors to the jeep were off and I was covered in that nice red dirt they have here--gross.) and napped for about an hour or so. Tomorrow we are planning to go to the beach! We are about 75% sure we want to try Bellows, but who knows with us!! Beach day means more pictures for you guys!! Hope everyones having a great weekend!!

*Oh the only potential downer for the weekend--I may have an ear infection. It hurts really bad.
Fun. <--sarcasm.
Im hoping its just a little dust in the ear or the fast drop in altitude on the way up and back. Either way its annoying :(

Until Manana

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