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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Happs

Yesterday when we were on our way home from Peacock Flats, my ear started hurting....bad. I thought it was from going up and down the mountain rather quickly, so I chocked (sp?) it up to rapid altitude gain/loss ear popping ( I didnt actually rule out infection completely). Well, I took some tylenol last night because it was really bothering me, and the pain came back this morning. It wasnt too bad, but it was really annoying. We were going to go to the beach today, but decided against it because if I do have any type of ear infection or whatever, I didnt want to anger it with sandy salt water. Ive just decided to monitor it and see if my body fights it off. Until then, no swimming for me :( Instead we decided to wash the jeep. It was really dirty from our camping excursion, so it needed to be done. I also "powerwashed" the driveway, if you want to call it that! The water pressure kept going out because those darn sprinkler poles in our yard were going off...I cant wait till the landscaper people remove them!
Tomorrow starts another work week for Kevin, so I am going to tackle the list I made this weekend. I am going to zumba tomorrow night (well ear permitting), yay!! Im excited to get back in the gym, plus Im meeting some wives from Kevins unit so it should be fun!! Goodnight everyone!

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