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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jeeping at Peacock Flats

What a day. One of Kevins very favorite things to do is take his beloved jeep mountain and rock crawling. He loves interacting with other people that share the same love for 4 wheeling and jeeps as he does. This morning we got up at 630 and met on post at around 8. We then headed out towards Kaena Point to Peacock Flats with about 10 other jeeps. Almost as soon as we got on the trail, our jeep started acting up. Differential fluid was leaking which upset Kevin, but we decided to go on ahead and just not use air lockers. That was a bad decision. I will show you why

Please excuse my mini heart attacks :) That stuff was scary without lockers and the fact that he was getting bad "lines" to get up the obstacle. Also, because Kevins jeep is a few inches higher than the other jeeps, his chance of flipping over is greatly increased. "Betty" did make it up a couple other obstacles before we made the decision to head back down the mountain

These arent Bettys original doors...someone gave Kevin some red half doors and we decided to try them out today

Well this is the slippery hill that made Kevin decide to head back home

We were pretty upset because we never finish a wheeling trip early, and Betty really let us down (plus Kevins says the spotters werent very good). So now Kevin has to get new air lockers, which arent cheap :( Never the less, we headed back down the mountain and decided to take some pictures of the view since we did make it pretty far up!

From near the top of the mountain

Um yeah I like this view!

Bye bye rain...

Lava rock :)

The views up to and back from this location were wonderful! Kevin says he will stick to rock crawling, but I told him I would love to hike up those trails sometime! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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