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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bellows beach and some sightseeing!

Today Kevin and I got up early and headed out to Bellows beach. The drive over there is about 45 minutes or so, as its on the eastern coast of Oahu. Its about 15-20 minutes north of Hanauma Bay, where we went snorkeling a few weeks ago :) The beach was really windy today, and it was sunny, then a band of dark gray clouds would pass over, then sunny again, then gray clouds. We didnt spend alot of time at the beach itself, because the water was really choppy and of course the gray clouds. A few pictures of the beach!

After we left the beach, we decided to do a little sightseeing on the way back. We made several stops along the coastline, and took some more pictures...and a video!!

This was taken from a pier...the rocks are probably 10+ feet down from the surface of the water

And now for the video!

I couldnt get a picture of the sea turtle, so I decided to take a video when he resurfaced! Hope yall like it!!

Here are a few more pics...these were taken at Halona Blowhole, just north of Waikiki

You can see Lanai in the front, Maui is behind it
And now, a bonus video!!

 I can look at the ocean all day long. It never gets old! :) After we were done being cheesy tourists, we stopped for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings in Waikiki then headed home so Kevin could put the fender back on Betty Jeep. I ended up helping him for most of it and it was actually fun!! I had a great day hanging with my love, and a good dinner. Now we are headed to bed for the evening. Tomorrow I have a whole list of things I want to get done, starting with Step class!!! Im also going to start the job hunt, so wish me luck! Ive got a couple places I want to apply to. See you guys tomorrow!!

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