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Friday, October 22, 2010

Workin at the car wash!....

This morning Kevin woke me up and said he was going to work shortly. He wasnt in uniform though, so I said it must be casual Friday down at the hangar, awesome! Well, it wasnt, but the company was having a car wash to raise money for fun company events and what not. I thought it would be cool to go down there and hang out with Kevin for the day. I actually ended up helping out and it was really fun! There were alot of people out there having a great time, and the higher ranks even came through and got their cars washed as well. There was a great customer turnout and the company raised over 1300  bucks :) Plus we got to meet the new company commander and the new 1st Sgt (whos from Hampton Roads, like me!!), and they seem really cool. After the car wash, Kevin and I wandered over to Lowes to get some stuff, and then to the auto parts store to get the stuff to change the oil and the brakes on Betty Jeep. Now we are back at home, and I will be fixing dinner shortly. I decided to write a little (well, alot) early today because I want to eat dinner and watch some movies with Kevin. Besides, we are going to bed early tonight because we are having a beach day tomorrow!!! We were going to do that last Sunday, but we wanted to make sure I didnt have an ear infection, so we didnt go. We havent been to the beach in like 3 or 4 weeks, so Im suffering from withdrawals haha. More tomorrow evening + pictures! I wanted to take pictures today, but I forgot my camera. Too bad, because there was this one guy who was dancing around and singing into the hose--classic awesomeness :) See yall tomorrow!!

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