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Thursday, October 21, 2010


I didnt sleep well last night...felt nauseous all night and I had insomnia-yuck. When I woke up this morning, I felt okay for a little while, but then I had that icky, tired, nauseous feeling the rest of the afternoon. No, Im not preggo (we wish!!). I was insanely unproductive today, as I spent most of the day on the couch underneath the blankets :( Eh, I blame it on the off and on gloominess that was today in the Aloha state. Theres not much to say about todays activities, sorry guys! The highlight of my day literally was finding and playing Sims 2 on my computer. Yes folks, this is what I do when I dont feel well. Tomorrow is another day though, and Im going to head to bed early tonight so I can catch up on the stuff I wanted to do today. See yall tomorrow!! :)

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  1. There is the creepin crud going around here and it is even affecting the pups. :( Poor Mackey and Chris were having a sniffling contest at our house yesterday. Thankfully, the extra Vitamin C I have been taking seems to be working at keeping the crud at bay. :) Try some Emergen-C ( they should have it at Walgreens or the Commissary -(coupons on or!) with the cough drops and all. Best stuff ever and it doesn't leave an icky taste in your mouth. :) Feel better!!