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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tomorrow is the big day...

Im really excited too! Its going to be nice to have a place to call home, instead of a hotel room. Today I talked to the cable company and had our cable and internet set up. The basic cable is on already, but since we need equipment for our other channel packages and internet, those extras wont work til the equipment is delivered. The cable person is going to come to the house on Weds of next week to deliver the though!
Other than that, I finally found some new swimsuits online and I ordered 3. The cool thing about that is I got them on clearance and I saved 112 bucks off of the original sticker prices! Go me! I cant wait to get them in the mail :) Today was spent packing our suitcases and taking care of paperwork at the front desk. After a dinner at Chili's in Pearlridge, we came back and watched some TV. Kevin is now snoring next to me haha.
Tomorrow is going to be an eventful day. First, after we check out of the hotel, we have to get the keys to our house. Then its Org day for Kevins company, so we are headed up to Bellows for that. It should be fun, and I will have my camera on me so be on the lookout for pictures!
Also, a very BIG Happy Birthday to my sis Jackie! Hope you had a wonderful birthday and Im glad you liked the gifts :)

More tomorrow :)

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