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Monday, October 25, 2010

Step class, and cleaning!

This morning I did what Ive been wanting to do since we got here-- I went to step class!! It wore me out too!! I knew almost all of the moves, but there were a few new ones, and the instructor is really cool! After step class, I headed home to start Project Spiffy House. I have literally spent all day doing laundry, sweeping and swiffering the floors, vaccuuming, ant killing, cleaning the bathrooms, organizing, and I managed to bake chocolate chip oatmeal cookies! When Kevin got off work, I helped him put the winter top and the doors back onn Betty Jeep. Yes, I know Hawaii doesnt really experience winter, put there is a "rainy season" here (which apparently just started) and Kevin doesnt want to drive home in a wet seat every day. It was gloomy, gloomy, gloomy out all day long. Not even sure I saw the sunshine to be honest! Well, maybe I did on my way to step class this morning, but on my way back home it was raining. Heres hoping for a nicer day tomorrow!
Ah, speaking of tomorrow, we have a long day planned. In the early part of the day Im joining Kevin at his doctors appointment, then I have to be at my own appointment in the afternoon. Im not a fan of doc office visits, but both of our visits should be positive! Im exhausted, so Im going to bed...more tomorrow!

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