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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Not one of our best days in Hawaii...

Today we had plans to go to the beach, but for reasons I will not speak of here, we did not go. Actually, we didnt leave the house at all today until this afternoon when we went to Lowes (yes again...Kevin loves that store) and the pet store. We decided to reschedule our beach visit for tomorrow morning though. Dont worry, mom, all is well :)
In other news, Kevin and I have noticed Wyatt is getting sick almost everytime he eats, so Im going to schedule a vet appt with him next week. We are thinking that he has acid reflux and developed a sensitive stomach to the food we feed him. Poor little dude, I hope we can get some definite answers from the doctor. I hate to see my babies not feeling well :(
On Monday, Im officially starting the process of finding a job. Originally, I was going to go for part time, but it would be best if I try full time for a while so we can pay the credit card off faster and chisel away at the amount due on the S.S.Sebring. Plus we are saving for a spectacular first anniversary trip!! I sure hope I find something I like :)
More tomorrow, its going to be a better day!

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