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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I was grumpy today for some reason. Well, maybe I have some reasons. This morning I got up early so I could make Kevin breakfast. About 10 minutes after he got home from PT and ate, the power went out. Fabulous. I didnt get too bent out of shape about it, as I had to go to the DMV in a bit to take care of the registration for my car. After about an hour or so of the power being off though, I called the community center. She told me that an email had been sent out letting us know that this was a scheduled cut off for maintenance and that the power would remain off for 4-5 hours. Ugh, really? Ive got things in the fridge that I dont want to spoil. Plus we never recieved the email. I thanked the lady and went on with my day. When I got down to Pearlridge (where I could register the car), the line was loooooooonnnnnng. I was already annoyed about the power outage, but I got in line and waited anyway. About 2/3 of the way through the line, I noticed a sign that said "no credit/debit cards". Youve got to be kidding me. So I get out of line, and get to the ATM. Thankfully I didnt lose too many places in line. Finally, I get to the counter and was helped by a really nice lady who was very helpful and even offered another option when I didnt have a certain piece of paperwork. So now the car is registered and my new personalized plates will arrive in a few months! At this point it was near lunch, so I hightailed it back home to meet Kevin. I get on the H2, and there was traffic. Bumper to bumper, parking lot traffic. Annoying.
After lunch I went to the auto skills shop to (finally) get my state inspection sticker put on, now that the S.S. Sebring is registered in Hawaii. I get up to the gate, which is closed?, only to read a sign that says "To our valued customers, we will be closed today due to Columbus Day". Um, wasnt that yesterday??? What the hay man? 
Well, since they were conveniently closed (insert massive eyeroll here), I decided to go to the store to scope out some things for the downstairs bathroom. Sadly I didnt find the stuff I was looking for, so I decided to try out another store. Kevin then texted me and asked me if I could get coffee and bring it to him at the Ed center, where he had a meeting. Okay, no problem, its right around the corner. Then I proceeded to pull out directly behind the slowest moving forklift Ive ever seen  and a truck carrying someones household goods and creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeping down the road.OMG. Took me 20 mins to get 3 blocks down the road. Once I gave Kevin his coffee, I decided to give up on any further adventures today and try again tomorrow haha. Kevin was even really sweet to cook dinner tonight since I just wasnt feeling it! Thanks love :)
Tomorrow I will be completing the inspection sticker process and getting new decals. I will also be clearing out some boxes in the house! I may even continue my quest for downstairs bathroom stuff!! If anyone has some fun ideas for our half bath, please feel free to share!!
Sorry if the post was "Debbie Downer-ish"! Thanks for reading anyway :P

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