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Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day happenings

Kevin and I got up this morning with the hopes of going to Bellows beach. Well, that didnt happen for 2 reasons : 1. we didnt get moving fast enough this morning and 2. It was gloomy out today and was supposed to be the same over at the beach. Double boo. So instead, Kevin worked on his Jeep in the morning hours, while I straightened up a bit in the house. We also noticed that the cable went out, so I called them up, and to make a long story short, we were able to pick up our DVR and modem for the internet 2 days earlier than we originally were supposed to!! Yay!! Now we have like a thousand channels of goodness to surf through and faster interwebs!! Kevin set it up quickly (so that he could make it in time for tip-off of the Cavs game this afternoon hehe) and I was suprised at how easy it is to set up :) I think we are going to enjoy our new cable company for a few reasons: A) their customer service is phenominal (I love love love great customer service, as I have been in the industry for 13 years myself), B) the first young lady I talked to when I started service invited me to apply for a job there after I told her I used to work in a call center for the last 10 years (how super nice of her!), and C) our bill isnt nearly what it was compared to our old cable company, and we have more stuff! So Im pretty pleased with them so far (and maybe I may have just found some employment!) Bonus: they are literally less than 5 mins from our house.
Now to some sad news.... My beloved Braves got knocked out of the postseason today. This is sad for 2 reasons. First, I love my Braves and I wanted them to advance to the NLCS and possibly the WS (obviously), and second, today was their last game of the season, which means that our awesome manager (Bobby Cox) managed his last game as he is retiring after this season. He spent 25 years at the helm of the team (and 51 years with the MLB total), and he has been the only manager during my tenure as a devoted fan (about 22 years now!). This guy is not only the best manager of all time, but just a wonderful human being. He cares about his players like no other (which is probably why he holds the record with the most ejections ever--gotta stand up for your guys!), and Ive never heard a bad word about him, even from Brave haters.  I totally teared up when he gave his press conference after the game, because he teared up too. Gah, Im so emotional sometimes! Anyways *sniffle* it was a sad day for Braves fans everywhere.
After watching the game, Kevin went back out to the garage, and I started dinner. Its been a very uneventful day (sorry) but I will be very busy the rest of the week. So hopefully no lame posts for the rest of the week haha. Tomorrow I will be venturing down to the DMV to get S.S.Sebring her stickers and new tags because Im getting really tired of gate guards asking me how long Ive had my car on island--its been less than 2 weeks, leave me alone!! Sheesh. But then another guy will just wave me through...doesnt make sense. After the DMV, Im going shopping for stuff to decorate our downstairs bathroom!! I think Im going to do kind of a country farm house theme, but who knows I may find something even better than that! Should be fun to look around though!! This week will be filled with unpacking and setting up our new house, so when its all done I will gladly post pictures! I have finished the kitchen though

Let me just say that we have alot of stuff for the kitchen because we combined my 10 year collection with his collection. Im so amazed that literally everything has a place, and there is sooooo much storage space! This is easily my favorite room in the house :)
Alot of babbling today, but thanks for reading! More adventures tomorrow as I head down to the DMV...dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnn

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