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Thursday, October 28, 2010

One week left...

...of my 20's. Yep thats right, exactly one week from tomorrow I will leave my 20's behind and enter into my 30's. Im not that excited about it, simply because this decade went by way too fast and I sort of expected certain things in my life to happen that didnt quite go as planned. I wanted to be married with a degree and at least one child by now. I am married (for the second time) but no kids yet (we're working on it mom, we're working on it!! :) ) and my degree isnt completed yet, which has frustrated me to no end. Sorry for that depressing start, but turning the big three oh has been on my mind alot the last few weeks. I am thinking about compiling a little list of things I should do during my last week of my 20's. Any suggestions? Just a couple of things I cant do:
*go skydiving (as much as I want to do this, Kevin says its too dangerous and could really damage my hip more as well as my back--he never lets me do anything extreme *pout*)
*go bungee jumping (again, stupid hip/back problems)
*island hop--ducket (money) shortage

Now for todays events....Im embarrassed...alot. I went to zumba class this morning and was having a great time, until I pivoted wrong and my hip popped. It hurt really bad and I had to leave class not even 15 minutes after it started. Plus since I abruptly stopped working out, I got super nauseous. I dont ever walk out on a class, even if I dont like it I stay until the end. Today I just couldnt go on and I was embarrassed!Im really mad at my hip right now, grrrr. Oh well, since I was on post, I went ahead and picked up my prescription I called in a couple of days ago, and wandered over to the thrift store! Originally I was looking for a bookshelf we could use downstairs, but I didnt find one I liked. I did find another item though, that I took home and restained. Ive got one more coat to put on it in the morning, then I will show you guys before and after pictures! Its something we need for our house, and its a suprise for Kevin so I will make the big reveal tomorrow as to exactly what it is!! Oh, and the thrift store gave me a special shopping bag to use on future trips to save money on stuff I purchase there! Bonus--in the bag, I found a copy of the spouses newsletter, which gave me info on joining the spouses club here in Hawaii! Im super excited about this because I really need to make some friends out here!!
After Kevin got home from work, we went to 4 Wheel Parts (his favorite store--he even had a shopping list lol!) to order some things for Betty Jeep. After that it was off to the store to get some garlic bread to accompany tonights dinner-yummy! Then we spent the rest of our evening glued to a program on the History Channel! Tomorrow, Im going to try and go back to the gym, but Im going to take it easy to prevent agitating my hip. See yall tomorrow!!


  1. For sure join the spouses club! Which newsletter was it?

  2. Septembers haha, I think the thrift store is a month behind! Are you the editor?