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Saturday, October 30, 2010


This morning I woke up fairly early to continue working on my mini project. After I gave it a light sanding, I put on a thicker coat of stain to try to get the color I want. So far, its working! While the stain was drying, I headed down to Ben Franklin Crafts in Pearl City to look for some wooden embellishments to place on the mini project. I was really disappointed because they didnt have the items I needed. However, the nice employee at the store told me about another store up the street that would probably have what Im looking for. Its called Craft Supply of Honolulu, and they had exactly what I was looking for! I will be going back soon to get some items for another potential project Im cooking up! The mini project should be done by tomorrow evening, so be on the lookout for pictures!!
Other than that, Kevin spent the majority of the afternoon working on his Betty Jeep down at the auto skills shop. He was down there for so long, he had me bring him some food haha. He sure does love being in the garage, even if its just to change the brakes and oil!!
Tomorrow will probably be similar to today, at least in the morning. After I put the finishing touches on mini project, we may go do something outdoors. Today it was finally nice (yay!) and Im hoping tomorrow is the same!

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