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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten Ten Ten :)

Hey everyone!! I slept in today...til 10am. Whats wrong with me??
So I get up and go downstairs and Kevin has opened every box down there!! I shouldnt let that bother me but I had a system--One box at a time. Ugh, no worries, cant let that bother me. I just told him that I will take care of going through and putting away each box, and he left them alone. Well besides the boxes that contained his clothes haha. The rest of the morning was spent watching my beloved Braves play the Giants in todays division series game. If any of you have seen me watch a Braves game(hello Mom!), you know that I yell at my tv if Atlanta is screwing up. Well, the Braves got ahead 2-1 and were one out away from winning and going up in the series 2 games to 1(great, awesome!)...and they put a pitcher in that couldnt even get one person out. As a result, the Giants scored 2 runs and won the game (insert VERY annoyed face here). So I shut off the TV and we decided to do a little shopping instead :)
Wow that was all over the place and Ive been grumpy today it seems haha. Just had to vent my postseason MLB frustration :)
Hmmm what else is going on?  Oh, Kevin and I are looking for a new entertainment center, coffee table, and end tables. For the most part we are having a good time looking, but we cant decide on anything! Stay tuned for updates on this topic!
After shopping we came home and I made spaghetti for dinner, while baking some yummy chocolate chip cookies! The remainder of the evening will be spent hanging with Kevin :) Tomorrow we are planning a trip to Bellows beach, so look out for pictures!!

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