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Saturday, October 9, 2010

1 room down, 5 to go

When I woke up this morning I wanted to make cupcakes. So I went downstairs and started looking for my cupcake liners. I ended up unpacking and putting away the rest of the boxes for the kitchen instead. Then I realized that I didnt pack the liners. Blah, at least the kitchen got finished :) Kevin had to go get new wheels for the jeep, so I cleaned up the house some. Then we went to Walmart (got my cupcake liners!), then Home Depot (where we got a new area rug for the living room, among other things), and then we went to Bed Bath and Beyond, my very favorite store!! Picked up a new wicker hamper and some other much needed things! By the time we got back, I realized I had been standing up most of the day again, so Im beat and my hip is screaming at me! We had a nice dinner (have I mentioned I love our new kitchen? Well I LOVE our new kitchen!) and I thought I would write a few words before heading up to bed. Sorry its not a longer post, but Im about to pass out! Off to clean up the kitchen...then snooze time :) I will probably write something more interesting tomorrow haha.
Oh, while I was unpacking this morning, I was watching college football. I married into Ohio State Buckeye nation, and while I didnt catch their game this morning (um 6am on a Saturday is a little hard for me), I know that they won, and Alabama lost!!! Where am I going with this? Alabama was ranked #1 for the first 5 weeks, and the Bucks were #2. So because the Crimson Tide lost today to South Carolina, the Buckeyes may take the #1 spot in the polls this week!! Yay!!! Sorry, mama loves the football :) Buenos noches!

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