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Friday, October 29, 2010


Happy Friday everyone! It was a fairly uneventful Friday. For the like 5th day in a row, it was gloomy and rainy here in Hawaii. However like yesterday, the sun did come like 5pm. I sure hope we have got a nice day coming soon!!
 I woke up today with a sore hip that wouldnt quit--being sore, that is. So instead of going to the gym this morning, I decided to finish the mini-restaining project Im working on. I let it dry overnight last night, and when I looked at it this morning, I liked it alot but I didnt like the shade of color. I was hoping it would be more of a dark cherry look, instead of a dark walnut. So I went back to walmart and got darker stain. I re-sanded the wood and "started over" with the darker stain. Ive been checking on it throughout the afternoon and it looks pretty good! Im going to add one or two more coats to get the desired shade effect though. I estimate that it will be done by Sunday, because I am going to add some embellishments to it which I need to get at Ben Franklin crafts tomorrow!
After Kevin got home from work, he took a nap while I made marble cupcakes. Super yummy :) We then ventured to Lowes, so that Kevin could pick up some stuff for something he is working on in the garage. Plus, I picked up a couple more brushes for mini project and desk project (which will be complete sometime next week!).
Wow I just realized how late it is!! That would explain the more frequent yawns coming from my end of the couch haha. Tomorrow, we really have nothing planned other than Kevins Betty Jeep projects and the mini wood project. We dont want to make beach plans until we know the weather will start behaving!!
See yall tomorrow!

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