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Sunday, December 12, 2010


I hate having insomnia. Last night we didnt get home until 11:15. At this point, both of us were feeling pretty tired, so we headed to bed. Once I got into bed, the insomnia started. I even tried going downstairs and watching tv to get sleepy. I didnt doze off until 3am! Then I woke up at 4, at 5, and again at 8am. I tried getting up at this point and eating breakfast, but after that I was suddenly tired (about time.) I ended up sleeping until 1pm!! 1 oclock!! This is one of the main reasons I hate insomnia. Once I do fall asleep, I end up sleeping until the afternoon, and I feel Ive wasted half the day :( I have decided that tomorrow I will be calling my PCM and getting something to help me sleep so that I can have more productive days. I have been using tylenol pm (which helps with my hip pain too) but I feel its not working as well as it should. Hopefully the doc will have some answers! I need to get back into sleeping well and getting up before 8am again!
Once I did get up today I decided to go down to Petco to get some Christmas gifts for Mia and Wyatt. I picked up some feather toys, some catnip toys, some treats, and some little fur balls they swat around. I also got some of Mia's favorite canned food :) I did pick up some different food for them too, simply because we have a suspicion that Wyatt has stomach sensitivity. Its still Purina, just more catered to sensitive tummies! I hope that helps him digest better :)
After Petco, I wandered over to Walmart across the street and picked up some toys for the nieces and nephew, as well as a couple of things for my mom, brother, and stepdad. The rest of my shopping for those guys will take place tomorrow.
Its going to be an early day tomorrow. Kevin has 2 doctor appointments at Tripler that start at 0800. Im excited about them, as we should be getting some answers from all of the recent tests that were done. After that and shopping, Im planning on finishing the desk up---its looking really great!!


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