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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wow, its already December 15th!

Winter in Hawaii is definitely taking some getting used to! Today I had all of my friends back home updating facebook statuses with, "Its snowing!", or "Yay! Snow!". Let me tell you about my hometown. It really doesnt snow . However, when it does snow (even a dusting), my little neck of the woods goes crazy! Its like shut the city down! I'll give you an example: My friend Rosie (whos also a milspouse) lives in Yorktown. It hadnt even snowed yet, it had only been forecasted at this point, and they closed schools for tomorrow. This also happened last year! The city goes crazy! We could have less than 3" on the ground, and the news and weather people are calling it "Winter Blast (year here)". Ridiculous, just plain looney! Of course, none of this affected me, because the company that I worked at was still open for business (when everything else was closed), and we were expected to show up on time. On a side note, the only business day they closed was the day of Hurricane Isabel on Sept 18,2003 and that was only because 90% of the employees were mandatory evacuated! I went to the commissary, had a farewell lunch for one of Kevins coworkers at The Shack, went to the PX, went to the post office (again), vaccuumed the upstairs and downstairs, and made homemade meatloaf for the first time ever. I just kept going otherwise my muscles would stiffen up again, much like they are probably doing right now! Ive been stretching all day, so I hope that helps because I really want to go to spin class tomorrow morning!
Thats pretty much all for today! After the gym tomorrow, I plan on coming home and cleaning the bathrooms...and all of my housework will be done for the week!!! Good night yall!

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