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Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Friday!

Today was pretty go go go! This morning, I went to step class, where I had to drop my workout to all low impact because of a freaking cramp that wouldnt go away. Then I dropped by Kevins office to bring him his wallet that he left in S.S.Sebring. While there, he was told that he had to attend the FRG picnic this afternoon. I tagged along, and brought the camera! I got some pretty good action shots of the 3 pointer basketball competition, and the watermelon eating contest (which shockingly, Kevin did not participate in!). I havent uploaded the pictures yet, but I will do some edits this weekend and email them to Kevins co-worker so that a slide show can be created. I will share some pictures with you guys as well, once they are on the computer! At the very end of the picnic, Kevin was approached by his supervisor and told that he would have to go down to Hickam to check on some damage to an aircraft. He was bummed out because A) they are supposed to be off for the day, and B) he just had to go down there to say "uh huh its broken". They wont be able to do anything as far as maintenance because, well, lets just say theres a reason and Im not sure I can put it on here. Anyway, so we went down to Hickam, got lost on Hickam, found out Kevins coworker beat us there and long story short, Kevin wasnt needed afterall, and turned around and proceeded to sit in 40 mins of traffic to get home. Kevin was pretty frustrated, as were all of his coworkers because they really didnt need to go down there. It was a total waste of time, for everyone. Poor guys--I hate when they have to deal with crap like this.
ANYway, we made it home and have been vegging out in front of the TV ever since! Tomorrow, we are going to the Marine base so I can pick up a quilted purse another milspouse is selling me for 20 bucks. I think it will be perfect as a camera bag, and I'm excited to get it. I will post a pic for you guys tomorrow! While there, Kevin and I are going to run an errand, then the rest of the weekend will be free for us! Hopefully, I will have the new Project 365 up and running by Sunday night, so I can start the project on Monday!

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  1. I'm looking for a cute camera bag so if you like it maybe you can pass on her info to me. I'll actually be at the marine corps base chapel tomorrow, they are doing a great workshop for spouses called "in the midst" =)