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Sunday, July 10, 2011


First, I'm sorry for the lack of post last night. I fell asleep before I remembered to post *facepalm*.
This morning, the Mister and I got up, ate, got dressed and ready, and headed out to church. Our friends Sarah and Joe invited us to service this morning, and we have been looking for a good church for awhile now, so we gladly accepted the invitation. However, we didn't make it to church this morning. My lovely Sprint navigation, which is so trusty any other time, failed me this morning. Majorly. Add on that we hit on the way, and we made it to Sprints destination with like 5 minutes to spare before the start of service. The only problem--we weren't anywhere near where the church is. Ugh. So I texted Sarah, who told me that the church was located behind a department store. I thought we were close to said department store, but we weren't, and ended up getting even MORE lost. I felt so bad because we were excited to get back into church, and we wouldn't have made it on time...or anywhere near on time. So  I'm so sorry Sarah and Joe!!! Maybe next time we should just follow you guys in :)
Anyway, since it was our first time going to that church, and we would have been insanely late, we just decided to head back towards the house. We did stop at Costco to check out the store and we have decided to get a membership!! We will be officially getting the membership at the end of next week :)
Alot of our afternoon was spent relaxing and hanging out around the house. It was really nice outside today, but we are staying away from the sun for a bit until the burns from 4th of July completely heal. I spent time making a wish list for camera lenses, and Kevin spent the day reading his book.
Tomorrow, its back to the gym for step class, then its bathroom cleaning week (my least favorite part of every other Monday). Kevin is on nights this week, so I will have some extra time to work on my projects after the girls leave in the evening!


  1. I don't know where you all live, but when we lived in Hawaii we went to Trinity Church Central Oahu, in Mililani. We liked it a lot! I hope you're able to find something you like soon!