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Monday, August 1, 2011

Busy Busy Monday!

I've barely sat down all day!!! This morning I got up (and it took ALOTTT for me to crawl out of bed) and went to step class, came home and immediately started making meal #1 on my menu planner-- Maple and brown sugar pancakes--for Kevin (I got a thumbs up from him on those-they were pretty good!). As he ate, I cleaned up the kitchen, started laundry, and ran upstairs to take a shower. I was able to sit down for like an hour before Kevin went into work, and I continued to do laundry and straighten up the house. The girls came over this afternoon, so I was hanging out with them (I didnt sit down--they had crazy amounts of energy today!!), then I made Kevin some lunch and took the girls up to the hangar with me. We hung out there for a bit (I still didnt sit down!), before we had to come back and meet the girls' dad. I then got dressed and headed to zumba. Might I just say that zumba today! Immediately following zumba, I came home and started on menu planner meal #3--honey sesame chicken (yummo!), and headed back up to the hangar to have dinner with Kevin. It was there that I finally had an opportunity to sit down! Ahhh so here I am , back at home, and sitting feels pretty nice lol
Because I was so busy (and for some reason my custom header disappeared from my open internet pages), I couldnt get any work done on my Project 365 blog. So instead of it launching today, I will have to launch it sometime later this week :( I'm really excited to start working on it too, I've just been so darn busy! Anyway, that was my day! Tomorrow, I dont have to be at the gym until 1145, and even then, if my hip is still bothering me (it hurts pretty bad tonight) I wont go. I thought about going to spin class, but Kevin is on nights this week and I really want to spend some mornings with him. Plus, I have a really nice breakfast planned for him! I will be picking the girls up from school tomorrow, and we are baking massive amounts of chocolate chip cookies for Kevins co-workers!!
For now, though, I am headed to B-E-D.

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