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Monday, August 22, 2011


I'm really tired and really sore from zumba class tonight, so this post will be short. Really short. I went to step class, cleaned the entire downstairs, relaxed a bit, and went to zumba tonight. She (the instructor) had like 6 new songs that she debuted last week--I missed 2 freaking classes and I come back to almost a brand new class! Ahhhh!!! Thankfully, in true Megan fashion, they were easy to follow and really fun! I'm just sore because I got all the way to the gym and realized that I didn't take any kind of pain pill for my hip, which is pretty much required to keep the inflammation at bay. Lame.
Anyway, I'm sore and heading to bed with my awesome Kevin! I will probably go to spin class in the morning if I'm feeling better, but otherwise I will be going to Zumba tomorrow night. More housework is in the cards tomorrow as well. Good night, friends!

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