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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hump Day Happenings

Even though today was my day off from the gym, it was still busy! It didnt help that I couldn't wake up for the life of me this morning, and I was dragging butt for half of the afternoon! I picked up the girls from school today (they had a half day), and we were going to go to the pool, but they forgot their swimsuits. We ended up going to Dole Plantation instead. There we had some always yummy Dole Whip (it was their first time trying it and they loved it!), and walked around taking pictures. I do have some pictures, but its late and I really dont feel like uploading them tonight. I promise you guys I will post a week update in pictures on Friday or Sunday! We had a great time there, until it started raining and we had to hightail it back to the car! We dropped by the store to pick something up for Kevins office, then made him lunch and hung out with him at the hangar for a couple of hours. The girls' dad was there taking care of some work stuff, so we all just sat around talking and having a good time. The girls even helped Kevin shred a bunch of extra paper they didnt need. I got some good pictures of them hanging out in a Blackhawk, with headphones on and everything! One of the pilots even showed them how to talk to each other using the headsets :) They had a really good time, and so did I! I really am going to miss them when they have to go back to TN tomorrow :(
Once home, I made some honey pecan porkchops from a recipe I got off of Pinterest. Let me just say that Pinterest is my new addiction. I can spend hours on that site, just looking at all of the neat things people find! *Do any of you guys share the Pinterest obsession??* The chops came out really good, and I paired them with homemade mashed potatoes and steamed green beans--deee lish! Plus, Kevin really liked them, so score!
Well, its past my bedtime, and I have zumba tomorrow morning (and evening!). I hope you guys have a lovely rest of the week, and I will try to get those photos to you asap! Oh, and the Project 365 will start soon, I just have to have some time to put the page together!

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