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Sunday, August 28, 2011

My first 5K!!

Kevin and I got up early this morning. Really early. Like 4:15am. We were out the door and on our way to a town called Manoa by 530. Once we got there, we grabbed our ankle bracelet timer thingys and waited for the race to start at 700am. The course was 3.1 miles and alot more hilly than I thought it was (the brochure said it was a flat wasnt flat.), but I kept up a 14 minute mile pace walking, and finished in around 44 minutes!! I think it wasnt half bad for having to walk the whole course, hills and all!! Kevin walked with me, and Team Buzuleciu kicked butt!! I did try jogging down a hill, and suprisingly it hurt my hip LESS, so I'm thinking about trying to jog the downhills next race to improve my time!! After the race, we stuck around for the awards ceremony and prize giveaway. Wouldnt ya know I actually WON something!! Guess what it was: Free registration (a $120 value) to the Honolulu Marathon in December. Yeah, I cant do a marathon...its 26 miles! Figures someone like me with screws in her hip would win a free pass to participate in a freaking marathon! I could try walking it, but that takes quite a bit of training in itself, and I just dont think my hip can take 26 miles straight :( So I gave my prize to Kevins coworker, who was going to sign up for the marathon anyway, and she gave me a Hawaiian fern plant that she won! I think it was a good trade :)
Anyway, after we got home, I went to the grocery store while Kevin napped, and later we spent the afternoon just resting and relaxing. We even snuck a trip to Maui Mikes in there for dinner ;)
Here are a few pictures from yesterday and today!

Signage at Jimmy Buffets

Welcome to Paradise :)

Kevin and the pretty Hawaiian lady

Right before the race!

Not bad for a couple of walkers!!!
 Kevin usually runs these things, but he is still in recovery from his surgery and he hasnt been able to work out fully yet, so he walked it with me! Prior to his surgery, he could have cleared 25 minutes on this thing!
Finally, here are a couple of pictures from last night, just hanging out!

My three favorite guys in the whole world!
 Oh, the second picture happens to be the Kyoot Kitteh Picture of the Week! This week features Zeus (and Kevin!), racked out on the couch!! Zeus really loves cuddling with us as much as possible--in fact, he is resting on my chest right now as I type this!

Ahh, I love my guys!!!

Tomorrow, I will be back in the gym for step class, and doing some house cleaning/organizing! I will be putting up pictures as well :) Good night folks!!


  1. Congrats! I think it's so funny you won a marathon entry. Of course, right?