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Saturday, August 6, 2011


Kevin and I slept in this morning. Like, slept in slept in--we're talking 1145am sleeping in! We knew we didnt want to do much today, so for the first part of the afternoon we just relaxed. Well, on one of the facebook pages I frequent (Hawaii Military Momslist--kind of like craigslist for milspouses), a lady mentioned she needed to rehome some kittens her cat had. She said that the dad was almost certainly a maine coon cat, as he comes around alot. Well, I mentioned it to Kevin, and he said lets go get one! He wants a big kitty and the kittens resembled maine coon kittens so I dont think the lady was lying. There was only one male in the litter, and Mia does better with other male kitties vs. females, so the male one it is!! We traveled all the way over to the Tripler area of the island to pick him up!
So without further ado, I would like to introduce the newest member of our family, Zeus!!!


All tuckered out after a long day :)
He is a real sweetheart so far! He is about 5 and a half weeks old, the lady said they were born the week before 4th of July. He is really tiny right now, but if he has Maine Coon blood in him, he will probably be really big (hence the name Zeus!). How do Mia and Wyatt feel about the new addition?? Well, Mia will take some time to get warmed up and used to another cat in the house (it took her about a month or so after Wyatt joined the family), and Wyatt is just plain annoyed. He was looking at us with huge sad eyes earlier, as if to say "I thought I was the baby." Poor handsome man. He will warm up to Zeus soon though, Im sure :)
Other than welcoming a new member into our family, we have just been hanging out and enjoying each others company!
Tomorrow, we really dont have anything planned, so we will probably sleep in and help Mia and Wyatt get used to the new kitty. At some point, I do need to get some housework done though! Good night everyone!

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