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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No surgery.....yet.

Kevin and I ventured up to Tripler for his appointment with General Surgery today. They told him that they are almost positive that his calcium has gone up due to an 8mm mass on his pancreas, but to be sure sure they asked him to get a chest x-ray (to make sure there arent any masses on the lungs) and a detailed CT scan on his pancreas. They also discussed the 2 possible scenarios for during surgery-- the first would be to take just the mass itself out if its benign, or the second option is to take the mass and between 75-90% of his pancreas out (if the mass is found to be malignant). Yes, Kevin can live a very normal life with just 10% of his pancreas :) Anyway, surgery at this point will happen, just not right now. After we were done at Tripler, Kevin wanted a burger so we went to Chilis for lunch. Once we got back, he headed into work and I caught up on some reading and downloaded more songs for my iPod. VERY uneventful afternoon. Plus these gloomy clouds are bummin' me out big time blah.
Tomorrow I am thinking about going to kickboxing class, only because I didnt go to spin today. Here's hoping the sun comes back out (and stays out please?) because I really need some tanning time!

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