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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

An Army Ball

Today started as any other Tuesday. I attended spin class at the gym with the fabulous Chantal, and we proceeded to get an awesome workout (props to Chantal, she had the ghetto bike that didnt want to adjust but she made it through!). After the gym, it was my favorite payday activity--the commissary! It was more bearable today because 1) I had my awesome friend Samantha co-shopping with me, and 2) for some reason, it wasnt packed on a payday (where is everyone???). Anyway, the shopping was done, and the rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing and talking on the phone/texting with Kevin. I also caught up on some blog reading and did some google searching on planting flowers in our yard. This afternoon, Kevin texted me and asked me if I wanted to attend a ball his unit is having at the end of April. I have a really pretty navy blue dress that I would love to wear, so I told him sure! Good news: I fit in the dress again. Bad news: theres something wrong with the zipper and the top part may need to be adjusted. It shouldnt be a problem if I find the right seamstress :) Kevin will get to wear his blues (which he hasnt worn since the wedding) to this very formal event, and I will get to drool over him all evening and thank God over and over again for blessing me with such a handsome husband ;) Bad News on the blues: Kevin thinks he may not fit them anymore, which is no bueno because that super sexy ,sharp looking outfit is 500 bucks. I'm praying it fits!
Tomorrow is kickboxing day (yay, I haven't been in a few weeks!) and I plan on working on the upstairs room some. I may wash S.S.Sebring (gasp!) if its nice. I havent really been taking advantage of these nice days, and I should because I want to work on my tan ;)

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