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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mouth of the South

Thats what my mom calls me. Its because I just dont shut up. I am a VERY talkative rambler. So much so, that this morning I ended up chatting with Annie for like 3 hours after zumba class! Yeah, I even got a great tank top tan from it! I feel so bad because if I got sun, I know she did :( So, Im so sorry Annie!!!!!
I originally wanted to go to spin and zumba today, but I couldnt drag my butt out of bed early enough, so I just went to zumba. Our regular instructor (who I LOVE) hurt her foot so there was a fill-in. I liked this instructor, but with any new instructor you have to learn their style and the moves can get confusing. I dont feel that I got as good of a workout as I normally do :(
After zumba and the chat fest (lol) I came home and laid out in the back yard (dont worry mom, I put sunscreen on, and a larger SPF on the tanned part I got this morning) and rocked out to what little I have on the iPod while trying to minimize the tan lines! Kevin got off work early today! Yay for "Tropic Thunder" time :D With him be brought a flyer for an event next month which I'm totally participating in. Basically the battalion is doing a "Spouses flight" day where we get to do what our husbands do AND fly in a helicopter. I'm stoked!! Too bad they wont let me repel or parachute jump out :( It should be a really fun day, plus I get to meet more people yay!!
Tonight we are relaxing, and Kevin doesnt have to be back at work until Monday so super yay for 3 day weekends! I will be going to step class tomorrow, plus zumba at 415 tomorrow afternoon. Oh, and the Buckeyes play tomorrow afternoon, so we will be watching that as well.....go Bucks!!

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  1. You're too need to apologize. It was great chatting!! My burn on my one shoulder is now peeling too. It looks super hot...haha :)