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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat Tuesday!

Mardi Gras, anyone?

This morning I attended spin class with the fabulous Chantal, and then hurried home to continue working on the desk and benches. I am proud to say that after I put new handles on it, THE DESK IS FINALLY DONE!! The last coat of stain is drying as we speak! Once its all dry and I'm happy with it (yeah, I will probably do some touch ups tomorrow), I will post pictures. Its my very first big project and its probably not the best staining job in the world, but it looks nice :D
That was my afternoon. I also spent some time reading blogs, laughing at funny sites like Damn You Auto-Correct!, Really Ghetto, and others. People submit the funniest stuff!
I also got to talk to Kevin today! I'm happy that he will be home in a few days and I can get my spooning partner back!! Plus, all of my TDY projects are almost done (the benches will be touched up and put back together tomorrow), so I'm getting a little bored....which makes me start thinking about a "Deployment To-Do list" I should be putting together in preparation for Kevins upcoming deployment. But I'm really not looking forward to that either.
Tomorrow, I will be trying Boot Camp class at the gym that my step class "neighbor" (our benches are always right next to each other) is instructing. It should be fun!! She is also instructing this Saturdays step class (yay 2 step classes in a row on Saturdays!), which I may sneak out of the house for while Kevin is still sleeping heehee.

Oh, here is something else I did today--remember when I complained to our community office about the landscapers being lazy back where I am? Well, they told me (and this was a few weeks ago that I talked to them) that they would talk to the manager and have my front and front side yard outside of my fence mowed. I took this picture today.

Front yard and the side is in front of my fence. The infamous tomato plants are right up agains the construction fence. If you click on the picture, you can get a feel for how big they are. 

This is outside of my back yard. Theyre supposed to mow this too

APPALLING. I posted these pictures on Island Palms' Facebook page, and they said they would ask the manager to call me. Guess what? No freaking call. I am going to go down to the community center and demand that someone come out, look at this, and fix it. It looks disgusting. Before you say "do it yourself then", I want to. Kevin told me not to because then the problem will never get fixed. This makes me so mad! Everyone elses yards are maintained because you can see them from the main street. We are all the way at the end, so the management never comes down here. So therefore, the "landscapers" just dont feel they need to mow. Now that the playground across from my house is open, people actually come down here now, and I am embarrased! Ugh, sorry but this crap makes me mad!

Hopefully we will have better news tomorrow!

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