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Friday, March 25, 2011

Todays top stories...

This morning started out great! I went to my favorite class ever, step class, and was on point for the entire routine! Then it was time to go grocery shopping where *GASP!* Kevin wanted to go with me! We got almost what we normally get, plus some goodies for the family and stuff for our BBQ/Camping excursion tomorrow. Total bill: Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars. I threw up in my mouth a little bit, and almost cried right there at the register. 250 bucks is what I spend on groceries in a MONTH,  not a single freaking trip!!!!!!!!!! I dont think we got THAT much stuff either. Ughhh. Kevin didnt seem bothered by it though. Anyway, we got the stuff and headed home for a bit so I could eat and get ready for zumba class this afternoon.
Zumba class went great, and I'm really loving how effective it is in flattening my tummy! Plus I really love the dancing :) During class, between songs, I was checking the score for the OSU-Kentucky game. It's March Madness and the #1 in the nation Buckeyes had made it to the Sweet 16. I had them picked to not only win todays game, but to win the National Championship. I hurried home to catch the last third of the game, and it was literally neck and neck the whole time. The Buckeyes LOST by 2 freaking points, therefore eliminating them from the tournament. I'm not only bummed that our beloved Buckeyes lost (I married into Buckeye nation, remember?) but that my brackets are completely jacked up now. I even predicted that Duke would lose to Arizona in yesterdays game. Blah. Now my pick is Kansas to win the Championship. As long as UNC loses their next game I'm happy :)
Anyway, so that was our day! Tomorrow, we are going to Bellows Beach for a going away BBQ and camping tomorrow night! Sunday or Monday I should have some fabulous pictures for you guys! Yay for pretty Hawaii pics!!!!!

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