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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Slacker Saturday

Because I've gotten up fairly early the last couple of weeks, I decided to forgo step class and sleep in! Kevin had class today, so I relaxed while he was there too :) Once Kevin got out of class, he met me at the travel office on post and we started planning our Honeymoon/Anniversary trip to the Big Island in June! We got prices on airfare and rental Jeep, and we booked our hotel stay. We also picked up a few books on things to do on the Big Island, so we will have a fun, adventurous itinerary planned. Bonus: the trip isnt going to be nearly what we thought it would cost us so we will definitely have some spending money! We are very excited to go on this trip and explore another one of Hawaii's beautiful islands. We definitely want to see live flowing lava, take a trip up to the Mauna Kea observatory (it's bigger than Mt. Everest when you add the # of feet below sea level that this mountain takes up), visit the black sand and green sand beaches, tour the lava fields, tour the Kona Coffee company, and many others! It is going to be a fabulous week with my very favorite guy in the world, I cant wait!!!
The only other thing we did today was go out to dinner at a place called Dixies in Aiea. Their wings are delicious and their sweet tea comes in a 32 oz. mug. Yeah, they should sell their sweet tea by the gallon because its delicious!! The rest of the evening will be spent catching up on DVR'd shows and Kevin playing his new computer game.
Tomorrow, Delta Company is having a car wash, so we are going down to get our cars cleaned! Come on down and support the company if youre in the area! Its going to be by the 24 hour gas station! I also get to doggy sit Dexter, Chantal and Brandons dog, for the whole day into Monday! I like watching him, he's a good dog :) We may take him down to the beach tomorrow as well (dont worry Chantal, I wont let him get too dirty :) )

More tomorrow!

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  1. I love the Big Island, it's one of my favorites! I think you will love it, I hope the lava is flowing where you can see it close up, that will be amazing!