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Monday, March 28, 2011

New Doc

This morning I got energized for my day with a little step class. When I left I got a frantic text from Kevin saying that NONE of his much needed referrals were put in. Well, I was going over to the clinic anyway for my records, so I dropped by one of his doctors' offices and made sure they put in the referral. She was hesitant, but took care of it. I then called Tripler to find out why Kevins doctor didnt put in radiology referrals like he said he was going to do. Through the nurse, and a callback to Kevin, they put in the referrals. That was smart of them. Kevin has been feeling so bad, so this was frustrating. I just want him to feel better, and I have no problem fussing out a full bird colonel that cant do his job right. Rant over.
Anyway, I picked up my records today because I had an appointment with my new OB/Gyn to continue fertility testing. Kevin and I were about to leave because we waited over an hour, but we were finally seen and I really like my doc! He has an English accent and he apologized for the long wait explaining that there were a couple of pregnant ladies that came in that were bleeding. I felt so bad for being angry about the wait and I sure hope those ladies are okay! Another reason is that he likes to spend alot of time with his patients and not rush them. For the extra wait time, I am okay with that! Due to the medical records lady giving me Kevins lab works and not mine, he wasnt able to see my progesterone levels and such, so he ordered a new lab, which I will be getting done Thursday. Then I see him again next Tuesday, where we will talk about the results. If everything looks good, we will be setting up an appointment to do an IUI. So with any luck we hope to be pregnant by the end of next month!!! That will put my due date at mid January, so Kevin will get to hold his little girl/boy before he deploys. Thats what we hope for :) The only bummer? I wont be able to come home for Christmas, I will be too far along. So Im sorry my lovely family :(
After the appointment, I grabbed some Matsumotos shave ice (which is literally almost right next door to the docs office-bonus!) and we headed home. Kevin even cooked dinner--thanks babes!!!! We are calling it an early night tonight, Kevin is pretty tired.
Oh before I go, I forgot to mention in my post yesterday that I picked up this--

YAY!!!! Ive been wanting this game forever and it is FUN!!! I was sweating after only 3 songs! Plus I am really getting into Zumba so I can do this even when there isnt a class!

Good night folks!

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  1. YAY!! You found it!! They have a few 45 minute workouts on there that I love!! I'm also glad to hear you like your new doc...hopefully you'll be a pretty preggie by summer :)