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Thursday, March 31, 2011

My new obsession..... Zumba! Even after spin class this morning, I was super pumped about going to zumba class. The fun part about it is that you just dance and most of the time you dont realize youre burning loads of calories! I want to start going several times a week :)
After the gym, I headed home, made Kevin some lunch, took a quick shower, and wandered down to the lab to get blood drawn. My doc should get the results tomorrow! I then proceeded to spend a good chunk of the afternoon downloading songs and slacking on the couch. Once Kevin got home we went on a bike ride, but it started raining (boo) so back home we went! Besides, the new season of Swamp People on the History channel came on tonight, so we wanted to be home for that. Dont judge us, we love that show and didnt miss an episode last season! Any one else like that show??

Tomorrow its step class for me, then we will be having a couple of house guests for 15 days  ( theyre in the middle of PCSing out of Hawaii). I'm excited because I will have someone to talk to during the workday other than our napping extraordinaires Mia and Wyatt! Good night yall :)

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