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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday Happenings

Last night, after I had already written and published my post for the evening, I received a text from Chantal saying her friend Christina may be in labor and would I mind watching Dexter so he wouldnt have to be home alone. I said sure, so she brought him over! I didnt mind, we kept each other company :) Chantal picked him back up this morning around 8, so I didnt go to kickboxing like I planned. Thats okay though, I'm going to zumba tomorrow, step on Friday, and step on Saturday so Wednesday was a good day to take off from the gym. I literally sat around in my PJ's today and it was GREAT. I edited photos, read blogs, facebooked, talked to Kevin, read some more, and caught up on the news! It was a nice day, and after a nice dinner of tilapia with salad and brown rice, I'm ready to head upstairs.
I will have a much more eventful day tomorrow, as I have to get blood drawn for my doctor to make sure Im ovulating correctly in the morning before zumba. After zumba I plan on working on the upstairs projects some more since theyre calling for rain all day and organizing the pantry.
Until next time....

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