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Monday, March 21, 2011

(Not so) Manic Monday

It took all I had to drag myself out of bed this morning! I was grumpy, Kevin was grumpy, it just didnt start out well. Thankfully after step class I felt better. Well, mood wise. My toe, however, is getting worse and I was in pain all of step class. *TMI alert!*You see, last year (8 weeks before our wedding), my clumsy self dropped a 35 lb weight directly on my right big toe breaking it and cracking the nail severely. Long story short: nail falls off (2 weeks before the wedding. grrr.), nail grows back slowly. Nail is doing great until......last week it started stabbing into my foot. Guess what? The darn thing has started growing in. So now I have to go to the doc and they will probably remove it. Gah, it was almost fully grown back! But its hurting alot and I want to be able to move around step class and zumba without accidentally bumping it, so I will be calling the doc tomorrow :(
The rest of the afternoon went pretty good though! I had lunch with Kevin, washed more laundry, and downloaded some more stuff on my iPod. It was a relaxing day :) Tomorrow, I will be going to spin class, then Kevin has an appointment at Tripler. Hopefully its nice tomorrow afternoon so I can tan in the backyard because I just downloaded some really great mellow music to listen to while getting my bronze on ;)

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