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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lazy Saturday

Hello folks! This morning I dragged myself out of bed at 7am. Why? To finally watch a full Ohio State game! The game started at 7am Hawaii time. It was a great game, Ohio State whooped up on their hated rivals Michigan! Also, while watching the game, I managed to bake a batch of cupcakes...yummy! *Side note*Pillsbury has sugar free yellow cake mix, which means fewer calories and fat because it contains splenda and not sugar, so I used that, and it was delicious!
Kevin joined me for the game at around 915, but after eating breakfast he went back upstairs and proceeded to sleep until the crack of noon! He has been pretty exhausted lately and has had alot of very early days, so that extra sleep was good for him :) When he got up again, I got ready and headed over to the PX to pick up Christmas cards. Since this is our first Christmas out here, I picked up Hawaiian themed cards. The only bummer is that those were the biggest ones I found and our Christmas pictures we ordered through Shutterfly were still too long to fit. That just means we have to buy double postage blah. No worries though! I will be starting the addressing of these bad boys tomorrow! Other than that, this Saturday was really uneventful. Unless you count the massive amount of laundry Im *still* in the process of doing. I mean, how in the world do 2 people accumulate so much laundry in one week?!? It could be due to the fact Kevin wears at least 3 outfits per day--ACU's/Flight uniforms (well if hes in the shop, he only wears one set for the week and just changes out undershirts) , PT's, and whatever he puts on when he gets home. Sometimes its 4 if he decides to work in the garage and then we go out somewhere later. Add that to the outfits I wear each day (gym and regular), plus towels, socks, etc. Oy that adds up!! In the grand scheme of things it isnt so bad, especially when I think back to the days my mom was a milspouse! She had all of our laundry, plus dad's BDU's and PT's. Add in the fact that back then, BDU's had to be ironed after each washing, that made for a tedious day... Sometimes she was let off the hook with that though--my dad used to pay me like 10 bucks a set to iron his BDU's-- that was good money back in 1994 for a 13/14 year old!! Im thankful that the ACU uniform doesnt have to be ironed... but darn that freaking velcro--sticks to everything else in the washer (insert massive eye roll here).
So laundry for me this evening, then watching a little tv before heading to bed. Tomorrow I really dont know what we are doing...I hope it involves Shave Ice!

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  1. Ugh, that laundry does accumulate when they're home!