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Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Early Day

My day started at 0450 when Kevins phone rang me out of a pretty decent sleep. Poor Kevin had to get up and drop something off at the hangar when the phone rang. This morning was intended to be early anyway because Kevin had an appointment at Tripler at 8am and I wanted to go with him. The traffic was lame--as usual-- but when we got to Tripler, we got a pretty sweet parking spot! Like near the front entrance good :) It was a clear morning up there (Tripler is at the top of a mini mountain) which is unusual! So I snapped a nice picture of the city! Theyre not the best quality, as they were taken from my phone, but the view is still nice!

The mountains off to the West

 A couple of weeks ago, we had to go up to Tripler for a nighttime appointment, and I took a picture of the same cityscape. Again its from my phone so its not the best quality

This was taken from almost the exact spot as the daytime pictures
It looks way cooler in person, I promise! Anyway, after the appointment (which lasted 2 and a half hours, by the way) Kevin headed to work and I headed to the post office to drop off some stuff. Oh, I got our second Shutterfly package today, so Im almost ready to send out Christmas cards!!!
Tomorrow Im going to spin class (I promise!!!), maybe doing some grocery shopping, and cleaning the bathrooms--yay for me.
I also made a new blog button--feel free to grab one!!!
G'Night yall!!


  1. Oooh I hope my Shutterfly package gets here soon!! I'm anxiously waiting! I wish I could go to Spin :( stupid work.

  2. I like the button, added it to my blog :).