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Thursday, November 18, 2010

My first spouses club meeting

Today I attended the Spouses club luncheon on Schofield. I was a little nervous because I really didnt know anybody, but the girls there were great!! It was great conversation, and I even met one of the wives whos blog I follow daily ( you can find her awesome blog HERE). She also answered alot of my dumb questions when we were preparing for our move out here to Hawaii (thanks girl!!)! I really had a wonderful time :) The guest for todays luncheon was a guy who had won multiple championships in ballroom dancing. He even had a few of us go up there and learn some dances. Y'all know I went up there, I have no shame!! It was really fun! We did the Rumba, the cha cha, the samba, and even did some disco dancin' (hello BeeGees!!) He gave a lesson on the history of dance from the 1920's up. It was a fun fun time and Im excited about next months luncheon! Afterwards I ended up chatting with one of the other wives for like an hour. I feel kinda bad because Im such motor mouth! I felt like I kept her, even though she says shes a talker too :)
During the luncheon, Kevin texted me and told me that word around the hanger water cooler was that a storm was rolling in and it was supposed to be here by 4, so he wanted to make sure that I would be home by then. Aww he's such a sweet husband :) The storm hasnt been anything really as of right now, but we will see what happens! Bummer, because I totally could have gone to the grocery store and picked up the few things that I always manage to forget during the big trip. Blah, I will just go tomorrow...
Speaking of tomorrow, I have a fun and exciting womans doctor appointment (that was meant very sarcastically, by the way) and Ive gotta get some xrays done of my hip in prep for next weeks appointment for that. *sigh* at least I dont have to drive to Tripler tomorrow, its all across the street :) Im going to head to bed early tonight and get some extra cuddle time in with Kevin, so I decided to post a little early today...see you guys tomorrow!!


  1. Glad you enjoyed it! It was nice meeting you :D

  2. Found your blog through Chantal's blog and am now a new follower. :) I'm an Army wife who moved from the East Coast to Hawaii this past January - we're in the same state, so who knows, maybe we'll run into each other someday!