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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hello Tuesday

I had a great day planned. Had. I was going to get up around 7, go to spin class, then hit up the commissary for a little fun time grocery shopping, then come home and work on my desk. Well, I made it to the commissary at least :) I thought my alarm was set to 7am, but it was set to 8. Well, I have to leave my house by 8 to make it to the gym by 830. Yes, it takes upwards of a half an hour to get across the street. Dang work call >:( So anyways, I knew I wouldnt make it to spin on time, so I cuddled with Wyatt for a bit longer then got up and got ready for the day. I made a shopping list, grabbed my shopping bags, and headed out to the grocery store. It was a stress free trip to the commissary! And this, on the day after payday! Stress free, but how?? Well, I have devised a way to block out any outside annoying noise while listening to that little pink device that holds 400 of my very favorite songs! I brought my ipod and jammed out while perusing the aisles. I was happy as a clam :) Plus I was in and out in about an hour (this is good for me haha). The only downside to that trip is that the lightest turkey I found was 18lbs! Thats alot of turkey for 2 people, so Im hoping that we are able to have some company for Gobble Gobble day :) Im still on the lookout for new designs for this blog, and so far Im having little luck. Ive decided that I will try my hand at designing my own page, so it may be awhile before the new look is up!! Ive got some ideas though :)
Tomorrow, we have an appointment to (finally) get Betty Jeep her recon sticker and inspection/registration process done. This little adventure starts at 0600, when Kevin comes back from PT. Hello Starbucks!! So its off to bed I go, but before I close out this post, I want to show you guys the cute picture of the day! Everytime I get home from grocery shopping, the cats just have to play in the reusable bags. This is what I saw today:

This is my adorable 5 year old, Mia....isnt she cute??

PS-I hope youre feeling better Mom!!! I love you :)

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