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Monday, November 29, 2010

Kevins birthday, plus a suprise early Christmas gift!!

Hey folks!! First I would like to send a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my love, my best friend, my Mr. Fix anything thats automotive or electronic, my Kevin!!!!

My love and his other "Wife" hehe
I love you baby and look forward to spending many more birthdays with you :)
Today I got up and went to step class (yay me!), plus we spent the majority of the morning and most of Kevins lunch in the DMV...yes we waited in like for an hour and a half at the DMV. There were only like 3 people working and one was new, so she spent almost an hour with one couple. Yeah, we were annoyed, and this wasnt how we wanted to spend Kevins birthday, but whatevs it had to be done. (eyeroll) Anyway, after the DMV we went to the place on post where you get your base stickers. That was another like 40 minutes. Poor Kevin. I was hoping he would enjoy his birthday a little better, but he was happy not to be at work! After the stickers and what not, he went back to work, and I went to work on the house! I got a few things done, and made sure dinner was done for Kevin when he got home.
In between cooking and housework, I was looking around for some new downloads for my early Christmas present Kevin suprised me with letting me get this morning!!! Im getting it early because we are afraid that the price will go up closer to Christmas. (You know youve got an amazing husband when he lets you buy a gift you want and its his birthday) Wanna know what it is????? Its something Ive had my eye on for awhile....and Im really excited about it!! Kevin told me to go ahead and order it today (Cyber Monday) just in case the price goes up. Its..................

...the new amazon Kindle!!!! This baby stores 3,500 books!!! It doesnt put off a glare in the sunlight ( Im taking it to the beach!!) The battery life lasts a month too! Ive already got a whole list of books I want to download once I receive it on Wednesday :) With all of our upcoming appointments at Tripler, this will be really cool to have on hand!! I was super stoked when he told me I could order it now vs. later....Thank you sooooooo much baby!!! I told him he didnt have to get me anything else :)

Tomorrow Im going to spin class, then heading down to 4 wheel parts to order Kevins birthday gift. He has a list of things he wants for his Betty Jeep, so Im ordering a skid plate for him!! Hopefully it wont take as long as the last parts we ordered from them. A month for 2 itty bitty under a pound each parts. Grrrr.... Anyway, after that I plan on picking up a few things from the grocery store then heading back home to work on the picture editing I didnt get to do today thanks to the slow moving people at the DMV. For now, Im going to spend the rest of the evening with my favorite birthday man since hes back in from working on Betty Jeep. Goodnight yall!!


  1. We have a Jeep too and they are the perfect vehicles for Hawaii! I absolutely love my Kindle and the anti-glare makes it perfect for the beach!