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Monday, November 8, 2010

Step class and Monday chores

After only getting 5 hours of sleep last night (thanks Wyatt!! -___-) I got up and made it to the gym for Monday morning step class! Awesome way to wake up!! After step class, I had to stop by the post office. This was somewhat of a mini adventure. It took me a half hour to get to the post office from the gym because I decided to take the scenic route all the way around post. Darn you search engine maps!! The map was waaaay off, but lucky for me I got lost down a road and ran right into the parking lot of the post office. Of course there were only 2 employees working and like 15 people in line. Oh well, it didnt take too long, and soon enough I was back in the car on the way home. Plus my neice will get her stuff sooner than I thought--yay!!
Once I got home, I made a commitment to myself that I wouldnt sit down until I got the kitchen cleaned, the floor swept, and the last load of laundry in the dryer. If I sit down, I get distracted and may not get back up for awhile haha. Those things were done before I sat down btw :) After Kevin went back to work, I started feeling really tired. So I laid down and woke up to my clock saying 4:15!!! AHHHHHHH!!! I slept for almost 3 hours!! Not what I wanted to do grrrrrr. I must have been tired because I never sleep during the day. So there went 3 hours of my day (thankfully most of my housework is done for the week). Plus, Lowes was doing this contest online for 90% off of stuff and the last item was a super sweet Dyson vaccuum cleaner and guess what, I slept through the whole thing. Gah, I really wanted that vaccuum!! Those things are like 500 bucks retail, so 90% off would have been awesome. Its not the end of the world brother in law works for Lowes and I can just have him keep a peek out for stuff on the cheap :) Tonight, we are going to have some dinner and head to bed early, Kevin hasnt been feeling well at all lately. We have a timeline and a whole list of appointments lined up for him, so hopefully he will start feeling better soon. I just want him to feel better :(
Tomorrow, AHFH is supposed to be coming to pick up our washer and dryer because Wednesday we get our new ones!!! Im so excited I could just fold socks! Wait, maybe not that excited, but you get my point! Heres whats coming


Theyre a matching Duet set and Im really stoked about owning our own washer/dryer instead of borrowing :)

Anywho, long day tomorrow! Im going to try to fit spin class in there tomorrow morning. Ive become addicted to that class!! Then, after the loaner washer/dryer is removed, we have to be at the hospital tomorrow evening (like 7pm!)for one of Kevins appointments.

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