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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Reflections and a new washer/dryer

Today was a busy busy day! This morning we got up early and headed down to Tripler for Kevins doctor appointment. Good news on that front: the doctor said that Kevin is right on the borderline of needing surgery, so he may not need it for awhile (if that makes sense). The appointment went fast and we were actually in and out of there in about an hour and a half.
This afternoon, I picked up some birthday gifts and cards and dropped those in the mail. When Kevin got off of work we headed down to the NEX to shop for a washer and dryer. We got lucky and found a pair on sale for $899. They are front load with tons of settings--real fancy! I will post a picture of them when they are delivered on Wednesday of next week! Now we can give AHFH back theirs :)
Today also marks a milestone for me....the last day of my 20's. As I enter into my 30's tomorrow, I thought about how life has shaped me the last 10 years. When I turned 20, I hadnt even met my 1st husband ( I met him a month and a half later). In that timeframe, Ive witnessed the biggest attack on our nation since Pearl Harbor. Ive been married, went through 2 year long deployments as a military spouse(these didnt have R&R allowance mind you), experienced the pain and challenges of divorce, *started* college, gained 10 more years of real world work experience, came out of my shell alot, met Kevin ( :D), got remarried, and we have been anxious to expand our family for the last year (we hope this happens soon!). I have been really bummed about turning 30 simply because I really wanted certain events to happen by now. Oh well, thats life I suppose, things dont always happen like you want them to. Lately though, Ive been feeling better about entering into this new chapter in my life! According to my mother, your 30s can be just as awesome as your 20s--except you dont stay up as late as you used to, and you might start seeing those gray hairs soon! I go to bed earlier now, and thats why the good lord invented hair dye!! See easy fix :) All in all Im determined to make my 30s rock as much or even more than my 20s. So a fond farewell to my crazy 20s and a warm (enough) hello to my 30s!
Tomorrow Kevin is taking me to a luau to celebrate the big three-O! I will be posting pictures as soon as I can :)

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