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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nice day out today!!

I woke up to Kevin telling me he was taking the car over to the auto parts store to get some stuff for Betty Jeep. His plans today involved putting an insanely heavy skid plate on it and working on the engine some. Thank goodness he had a guy friend to help him!! I spent my day re-doing this blog and getting laundry done. Hope you guys like the new design!! Im not sure if Im going to keep it permanently though, as there are a ton of other designs I like also. All in all, today was fairly uneventful, and I liked it :) The weather was darn near perfect as well!! Heres hoping tomorrow will be just as nice!
Oh, and one of my Shutterfly packages came today (theyre soooo cuuute!), so by mid week next week, I should have the Christmas cards and inserts put together and ready to mail out. I love Shutterfly. Im thinking about ordering a custom calendar from them for next year!
Tomorrow Kevin and I are planning to head up to the North Shore and watch some pro surfing so be on the look out for some pictures! Should be a fun time :)

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