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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I was hoping to wake up and be pain free so I could go to the gym this morning. No such luck."Stupid hip, stop gym-blocking, or Im gonna replace you!" was my exact thinking this morning. I could have gone to early morning class too, because the NEX people werent supposed to be here until around 1. So I spent the morning cleaning,and updating the fridge calendar and our planner with all of our upcoming doctor appointments and events. Then, at around 1230...... Our new washer and dryer was delivered!! Yay, Im so excited :) They are really neat and have a ton of settings. Both the washer and dryer have "Eco Settings", so they use less energy! The washer even has a setting to sense the load size so it uses as less water as possible. I really like them :) This afternoon was spent perusing the owners manual for the washer and dryer, as well as looking around on the web for some ideas to customize this blog! Be on the lookout for a whole new "look" for this page! Kevin has duty tonight so Im going to try and work on the new design.
Ah yes, duty. I wouldnt be so cranky about it, but I feel bad for Kevin because he already worked a full workday, plus he (and the rest of the company) had to stay at work an extra hour and a half because 1st Sgt Ghetto wanted to keep flapping his gums about nothing. He knew Kevin and another NCO had overnight duty in the next few hours. Blah, I know it could be worse and I dont mind the Kevin being gone all night part at all, but I know the poor guy is exhausted :( Hopefully his duty goes by quickly, until then Im camped out on the couch waiting for him to come home :) Hope everyones having a good week so far! More tomorrow!

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