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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Groovin'....on a Sunday afternoon...

This is probably the most relaxing Sunday we have had in awhile. We rolled out of bed at 10am, sat around for awhile, then did a little shopping. I even got some shave ice this afternoon! We took our time doing everything today and it was really nice. We capped off the afternoon by ordering pizza, because Kevin knew I didnt really want to cook. I love my awesome husband :) This evening will be spent relaxing some more and watching tv (right now Scary Movie is on...I freaking love that movie). Tomorrow Im going to step class, then clearing out one of the upstairs guest rooms. Ideally I want to get all of our picture frames hung up, but there are still some photos I have been procrastinating on need to edit and get processed first! Im hoping to do some editing tomorrow as well :)
Hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

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