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Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents Day

Poor Kevin had to work this morning. He was only supposed to be there from 0830 until like 1000, but as usual he had to stay late because of a bum aircraft. I spent the morning editing pictures, finishing laundry, and putting a 3rd coat of stain on the top of the desk (to see if its going to need a 4th). After awhile, I got really bored, so I wandered down to the hangar and hung out with Kevin for a little while. He finally got off of work, and proceeds to head home and take a nap! During his nap, I got a text from my friend Chantal saying that she was on her way home and we can meet up for our girl date soon!
Once at her place, we got right to business removing that pesky tree from her backyard. It wasnt that hard to take down because we had the right tools! I bought a pruning set the other day for our potential garden, and I must say I am very happy with my purchase :) Along with a mini saw I brought and a hand saw Chantal has, we got the tree chopped down fairly quickly. Afterwards, we headed inside and proceeded to play the Wii for a bit until Christina had to go. I did try my hand at Just Dance, which is really fun and a great workout! I did get beat pretty bad by Chantal though haha.
We hung out and chatted some more, then Kevin texted me asking me to grab him some chinese food on the way home. Chantal lives right around the corner from the food court, so I dropped by to pick up the food. They had very little food out, and according to the lady's attitude behind the counter, they werent going to make any more for the evening. Bummer. So we just decided to order Domino's and call it a night, which is what we are waiting on at this very moment.
Once I got home, Kevin told me that he is starting to feel poopy, so I may have given him my bug that I had :( I really feel bad because I only had it for a day or so (thats how it goes when I dont feel well) and he will probably have it a few days. Im sorry Kevin!!!
Tomorrow its back in the gym for spin class. Faucet nose should be long gone, so class shouldnt be too bad! Afterwards, its back to working on the desk and starting to get the boxes of stuff out of our 2nd spare bedroom!
Au Revoire folks!

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