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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Kevin had to go to work extra early today, so I got up and headed to Monday morning step class. I got a great workout, and sweated my butt off!!! After step, I brought Kevins PT uniform and some lunch down to his office because he had PT mid-day. I ended up staying and chatting with Kevin and his co-workers, which was fun! Oh, I also brought Kevins Valentines gifts in. I got him a box of chocolates that said "you rock my world" on the cover, a stuffed monkey wearing a hoodie that said "Be Mine", and a card. He loved it!
After Kevin went to PT, I came home and ate, then I...... Mowed the yard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took forever to get it done, but its super short now and I cant wait to start fixing it up. The grass quality is really crappy (you can tell our yard was literally slapped together), so I plan on getting some fertilizer and maybe some new grass seed to make it more lush :) Oh, and we dont have a weedeater, so I cut the grass along the walkway and fence with scissors! That took awhile as well, but Im pleased with how it turned out. Now if only I could make the yard more healthy.....
After Kevin got off of work today, we headed down to the NEX because he wanted to see if they had something he wanted to get me for Valentines day. I was thinking he wanted to get me a certain box of chocolates or flowers or something, but when we got there, he made a beeline for......the mountain bikes?? I was a little perplexed at first, but then he told me he wanted to get me a bike for Valentines day, but our store on post didnt have the one he wanted to get me, so thats why we were at the NEX! Anyway, this is my Valentines Day gift!

Nevermind the messy dining room haha. Its a gold, white, and black Diamondback (which Kevin says is a good brand to have). I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE IT!!!! Because I cant run, I have never been able to go with Kevin when he I can!!! He got it for me for this purpose and I'm excited to join him in his jogs around post :) Plus, my buddy Chantal has a bike as well and was looking for a biking partner, so Im excited to be her biking buddy! Here in Hawaii, you have to register your bicycle with the DMV, so I cant bike off post until I get that done. Its okay though, I only planned on biking on post mostly anyhow :)
So that was our evening! I have the best husband ever and he totally spoils me rotten! I am looking forward to a hundred more Valentines Days with him :D
How was your Valentines Day?? Did you celebrate or do anything special? I hope everyone enjoyed their day!! Im heading to bed to cuddle with said awesome husband-- He will be gone next Valentines Day, so I'm trying to enjoy every minute I can with him ;)


  1. My hubby's an avid runner too. The only way I can attempt to keep up with him is by riding my bike :) Happy Valentine's Day chickadee!

  2. Hawaii has the silliest rules ever! I think its so weird that you have to register your bike with the DMV.
    Thats a really cool bike though :)