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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I heart payday....

........Especially when the food supply is running low! After spin class today, I made my (massive) grocery list and headed down to the store to brave the payday crowds. Actually it wasnt too bad for a payday! I stuck to my list and was out of there pretty quickly. I also picked Kevin something up for Valentines day :) He is convinced that Valentines Day is a made up holiday by women to get chocolate....pffft, if we want chocolate, we will get it! We dont need a holiday.....
Anyway, the grocery shopping got done, and I spent half of the afternoon hanging out at home bored out of my mind! Kevin worked late again today (he's home now), so I had dinner without him :( For some reason, Im really tired, so after this post Im heading to bed. Tomorrow I'm thinking about forgoing kickboxing class, and staying home to make Kevin a nice breakfast, since he has to get up at like O-my god its earlier than usual! He should be home around 8 though :)
Oh, another thing I did today? Im a member of a military wives forum thats doing a book swap! I filled out a questionnaire and got a swap partner to send some goodies to! Im really excited to send her some things native to Hawaii :D

Night folks!


  1. Good for you to brave the crowds! I could see the full parking lot from my work. It didn't look fun!

  2. I am so excited about the book swap too! I have to remember to include buckeye stuff in my package.